Mother Nature wins again

Photo by Rafael Garcin on Unsplash

I chased the wind
Kite in hand, to face the gale
Ready to challenge nature’s exhale
But I remembered your warnings
Your words rolled like tired tumbleweeds
Across the empty beach
Kicking up salt and sand
Like a bully at the back of a comic book
Trying to quench
My desire to be lifted
To be blown upward into the fading February sky
My ropes unfurling faster than thoughts could follow
My airfoil spinning like a devil’s toy
I dig my heels into the wet clay
I fall to my knees, struggling
To control the howl
To tame the tempest
You are in my head repeating
Let go, let go,
But my ox-brain won’t comply
I hang tough
Till Mother Nature tires of the game
And snaps my ropes without a second thought
And I taste the sand
And my kite ascends to heaven

Jac Gautreau

Producer, writer, generalist, productivity enthusiast / Producteur, auteur, généraliste, passionné de productivité

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